GOD, the CREATOR of HEAVEN and EARTH is there and always be there.
GOD, who is PATIENT, TOLERANT and Full of Love, let every one of us live in great Freedom.

If you do not want to follow HIM, then HE allows you to do so.


What you read on this site is the truth, GOD is my witness.

GOD'S Words, which I've heard HIM Say in different Visions, Dreams and Prayers, you can read on this site. With this site I show you that the LIVING GOD is there and what's important .

My contribution is to reveal my personal relationship with the LIVING GOD.
This relationship, which Stems from my childhood and is built on the proximity of GOD, has always been part of my life, even when I forgot about HIM, as I did now and then.

Before my first visit to Church I already received impressions - Visions - from another World. GOD did not appear to me  like HE did when I was  for the first time in Church at the age off nearly six.

That moment I called " the Church " in 2010 on this site,  but GOD let me know in the night of 30 to 31 May 2012  that I had to call it;




GOD also told me that it was 47 years ago when THEY Appeared for the first time.

GOD let me know with this answer - more then two years later - that HE is doing everything in HIS time.

HE did that also with the Vision  " the creation of the Earth ", when GOD lifts a piece of the veil on October 1, 2011.

GOD answers me about the Visions in the spring of 2015, as you could  read in the Vision " THE CREATION OF THE WORLD "

GOD Tells me, that  the first two Visions in the beginning, " THE CREATION OF THE WORLD " and " THE REVELATION " should be on the site in this order of importance.


So now the site is online, I sometimes have to rewrite indicated Visions, or previously made statements. This does not alter the fact that by rewriting and adding, a truthful picture emerges.


There were many wonderful moments in my youth when GOD was near, and these moments always left me- as I think about it now - with a trusting feeling. GOD faded into the background  - which HE wanted himself  - when I was around 17 and my life took a different - wilder - turn.
That wild life eventually led to a prison sentence of a few months and that was the moment when the Devil really came into my life. What the Devil had predicted  in the Vision ''
THE REVELATION " became thru. This was the start of the most difficult period        - so far - in my life. The Devil sent Spirits to haunt me.

Not only from the Spirit world, but the Spirits of many ''earthly '' people were also very hostile to me.

During this time the LIVING GOD was now and then close to me which can be read in  " Visions" It kept me going, eventhough I was at first very angry on GOD.

It was this proximity that told me I ought to go to Church and join the people there - GOD also said to me - but I refused to hear the message, I was too rebellious and stubborn.

As time went by I received more and more encouragement from the Spirit world – including from my mother - to go to Church.

I did go now and then, but generally I remained very stubborn and that lasted for many years.


Towards the end of 2009 and in early 2010  I was reminded in the Spirit of two Visions ''the Bakery'' and ''the CHRIST Cross''  of my youth.  GOD'S voice  comes after the reminding out of the Sky and Said to me;




In the Vision ''the Bakery'' you can read how GOD manifested himself to me at an old Bakery on one Sunday in the sixties of the past Century. It was made clear to me what people should not do on a Sunday.

In the Vision
 ''the CHRIST Cross'' how JESUS came to me when I was around 15 years old. and was looking at a bronze Cross and wondering why HE had been given such an old face.

When someone is wrestling with an addiction or other problems, they can always turn to GOD for help.


The help that I received from GOD down through the years - from MARY and CHRIST and those who came in HIS name - is difficult to describe.


There are many ways how to ask for help. The best way is to go to a Church and Pray, Worship.

Worship means that you kneel down,  save a cross and pray  “Our Father”.

When you have finished your prayer, wait a moment in silence to see if  HE will answer you.

If going to Church is in your early relationship with GOD a bit high seized, then you can try to converse with HIM in the same way as Francis of Assisi did; He took a Bible in his hands and asked GOD if  HE could answer some of his questions.

He then opened the Bible and began reading where his eyes were drawn to.

I was not sure how to finish this piece of writing so I picked up the Bible and asked GOD how HE would finish it.

I open " the Bible "  and start to read  in the Book of  Numbers, Chapter 16, about how GOD appeared to Mozes, because HIS people had angered HIM and HE wanted to strike down those who had risen up against Moses and Aäron. Mozes tried to persuade GOD not to do so, but the plague had already begun and did not stop until there were more than thousands of deaths.
When I finished reading I knelt down and thanked GOD, and I was filled with a wonderful warm feeling and could feel HIS presence.
Upon reading this passage again I was a little confused, a vengeful GOD reaping death and destruction.
I did not understand what HE was trying to tell me, so I went down on my knees again and asked HIM what I should do. Once again I was filled with a warm feeling and knew then exactly what to do;  read ''the Revolt against Mozes''. 



And then I saw what kind of man Mozes had been and what GOD wanted to make clear to me.

For the "Ten Commandments" and the Visions "The Peace" and "Santa claus" you click on Our FATHER

In the Vision " JESUS CHRIST " you can read where and how HE showed HIMSELF to me.



GOD'S Answers about Muhammad and the Muslims can be found at; GOD . Muslims

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The Bakery

The CHRIST Cross





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