This vision occurred on the old Boekweitpaed no.11 in Ureterp. I was about 26 years old


I was standing in the kitchen one evening preparing dinner. Suddenly I was seized by two figures, on either side of me one, and they held me up against the cooker. An enormous Book then appeared before me and Opens.

The face of JESUS CHRIST appeared  and I looked at HIM, but then quickly lowered my gaze.

I heard HIM say;


I looked up at HIM and answered in the Spirit of my age; " that is nice for you ''.
HE looked at me for a moment and then HE smiled and I saw pearly white teeth.

Then the book shut and the figures disappeared.

This Vision came at a very important moment,  I was nearing my witís end ,I was losing my struggle with the voices / Spirits and I was short-tempered when CHRIST appeared. JESUS got the kind of answer that matched my mood at the time. JESUS Was able to laugh and wasnít insulted, HE was well aware of my situation at that time.

With HIS appearance HE reminded me of what I had experienced in my youth in the Church. I knew that I had to return to the Church, but I did not want to.

Instead I prayed before dinner for a while and it didnít last long, before I was sinking again in the swamp.

Who was given me the helping  hand in that, you can guess.





This vision took place on 14-6-2014 on the Boekweitpaed 25 in Ureterp


JESUS is suddenly present - around 1 pm - when I am at work with the street tiles behind  a house on the boekweitpaed 25. I stand straight up as I feel HIS presence and perceive HIS appearance, even tough I didn't  know for a split second who it was.  JESUS is on my left side next to me and HE show's HIMSELF to someone and I'm a witness. 

I don't see HIS FACE this time and yet I - see now stature - "See" HIM.

There comes a man in front of me I vaguely see the face of an older balding man. I see glasses and gray/white curly hair just above the ears. The man turns to JESUS and I hear him say with much love

 " Oh Lord  JESUS". And a little later, that JESUS was a Real Guy.

I hear JESUS - coming near me - Say;




Than I see - for a moment - a White Appearance, and I feel an Enormous Love, Goodness and a Great Personality.

And then it's gone. The pleasant  - peaceful and calm - feeling remains for a while.