GOD near

GOD can give you healing - humans and animals - but also provide lightening.

 Healing of a smoking addiction


This happend in the highest class of elementary school.

In  my youth I suffered a bit from bad blood vessels. When I sat in a bus that took us from the school swimming-an outdoor swimming pool in Bakkeveen- back  to Ureterp, I looked at my by the cold overcome arms. The hair stood straight up and the skin was a bit discoloured.  As I watched it I heard two voices for me. I heard ,"It was noted that I was suffering from that blood vessels".


I heard GOD Say;








There was more said about something else and than it was gone.


Not much later, when I started smoking and a little later drinking,  I've got over the years more troubled by it.

The discoloration of the hands -red spots- were the harbingers, but I just went through.

Until the time comes that you have enough of you're - red smoking head- cold red hands and feet.

Then you want to stop. My first attempts to stop - when I smoked tobacco - were successful I could stop for weeks, even months, easily.    

But my e.g.boredom at parties brought me soon back to smoking.

What first was a piece of cake, became later on a problem.

I could not - when I started smoking filter cigarettes - stay off them any more.

The number of retries ran in the tens and the last attempts was accompanied by laughter from everyone.

In that last phase I was Ė if I was awake - almost constantly smoking.

By sporting a lot I could keep my blood vessels fairly open, but that was not enough.


GOD comes to me aid at certain times, even though I didn't realized it at the time.

A woman from HIS World made sure that my blood vessels - mainly in my hands - remained open. One night, she comes with a man at me and says to him;  you have to keep them open for him.

Then my hands begin to glow and getting warm.

Now I write this I thank  GOD - who I almost forgot - and I thank Her and Him  - MOTHER and SON - again.



And then I sit in the last phase. The red, and blue hands with white bloodless fingers that I early in the morning - on the cold construction sites -  had was now and then a painful, given.

Something had to be done but I could not stay off, whatever I did.  My smoking and often drinking while cooking dinner, took extreme forms - on the old Boekweitpaed 11 - so I asked GOD for help.  With the knowledge that, if HE wouldn't help me it was no longer needed.

I knelt down and  prayed.


This was October, November 2003.

And then I waited , but nothing happens. I smoked through, until the penny drops , and I pick a date to stop,

a traditional one, this time.  

Ten  minutes before the clock struck twelve - 2003/2004 - I stopped smoking.

And then you know GOD Helps you.

The extreme desire for a cigarette becomes tempered by GOD and taken away.

I hear God a few times say too me - in my in my chest at the height of my heart ;








GOD makes a few times clear too me that HE does it.

It was unbelievable, I could not stop and now with HIS Help I managed it at last.

 I pray and thank GOD.



Healing from high blood pressure

On the evening of the 18 April 2012, I prayed to GOD for healing - I suffered that day from tinnitus and felt during work in the garden, not good -of my high blood pressure.
He answered my prayer and I am cured, for which I thanked HIM.  But after a day or so my blood pressure rises and I didnít understood why .
Now I know; You should not - constantly - check up on GOD, like I did with a sphygmomanometer.

I didn't understand why it was rising again at that time and a womanís voice came to me and  told me that it came because I still was using medicine for stomach acid. 

She let me believe that I had to stop with the medicine and trust in GOD. If  I would do so, than GOD would decrease the blood pressure again and heal my stomach problem.
But that was not so, and some time later the stomach problem was back, even though GOD gave relief when I prayed.

The Devil (in) put me on the wrong leg and I had to withdraw - to people - my healing  about the stomach problem.


GOD made it clear to me, the Devil never cease its work.


Lightening  2012 / 2014


GOD'S Message to the Prime Minister of Israel - which I was allowed to write one night - made GOD promise to take care of my cat.
Madame - the cat - would run occasionally away and so did she when I - in GOD'S Presence - worked on Benjamin Nethanyahu's message that night.

When it was light, I was looking for my cat, but she was gone. I'm looking  also outside for here but I could not find her.
I say to GOD - when I get home - that itís a weird moment to lose her. GOD found that also, because HE Gave Her Back - to me -  Her Life.  And I "see" it - in the mind - happen, GOD puts her on the ground next to the wooden shoes loft and Mrs comes meowing around the corner.
GOD - is than not alone - promises to provide for my cat, in the future.


The above described event took place in the - night - early morning on August 4, 2012 at the new

Boekweitpaed 11 to Ureterp.




When she pops later on against the front door - that I  sweep open in a hurry - I blame GOD for it. 


I hear HIM say;








Certain things in - a cat - life happen.


GOD has kept HIS Word and taken good care of her as you will read.


My choice to follow GOD with a lot of debt in the wake resulted in an expulsion from my house.

After I was put out off my - rented - house on 14 May 2014, I lived nearly 3 months with a  neighbour.

After the 3 months I lived 7 weeks with Mrs. in a small forest plot nearby Beetsterzwaag.  GOD put Madam, if she was at night on the road again, back at my feet. Every night when I woke up and asked GOD where she was, GOD put her at my feet.  Wonderful. A Miraculous MAN.


Mrs  already quite old - over 20 years - was slowly going blind, deaf and was light paralyzed.

And despite her heart and kidney problems, she was still in the mood for a walk. Perhaps it was the lighting that GOD gave her as I had prayed for her, or if I touched her.

GOD told and showed me that the cat wanted to be touched by me, GOD gave my hands something what was making  Mrs  feeling good.

When I spoke on a Sunday morning, a little angry to GOD about my living situation, I discovered Mrs lying dead in the litter box.

I told GOD that  I thought it was mean of HIM for this to happen, now that I had just addressed HIM whit Anger And as I dried my tears, and looked at her, a shiver went through her and  Mrs came alive.  Great.


GOD gave her a little bit more time so she could stay a little longer with me.




GOD did great Wonders when I lived with all kinds of animals in the small forest.



A deer and her young one was sleeping about 50 paces, from where I was sleeping on the ground.


GOD saved me several times from - deadly - snake bites.


GOD put a star in Heaven for me, which HE also took off, in a moment.


JESUS showed me early in the morning, when the sun rised, other moments - less beautiful - from my past in constructions.


GOD let Rain and Wind come at the right time.


GOD commanded me to fetch madam before she was consumed.


GOD made my bumpy road flat.




Mrs is no longer with me. One early morning  in October, she left me at 2 o'clock - to die - and did not came back.


I thank the ALMIGHTY for what HE has done.