GOD near

The Bakery


The following vision occurred on the main street in my home town of Ureterp when I was around 8 eight years old.


It was a custom in our house on Sundays to polish our Uncle Johannesís shoes whenever he was around. My brothers and I didnít mind doing this because we always got a few cents for doing so. This Sunday was like any other Sunday. When my brother Gjalt and I  finished polishing his shoes and gotten our pocket money,
we didn't waste any time in making our way down to the bakery, that had an automatic sweet-vending machine.
While we were on our way, I heard on the street called " de
mounestrjitte " a voice  in the sky - the Devil - saying; ďhey," he's going to buy something on SundayĒ.
Then GOD'S VOICE on my right, a little behind me SAID;  '' IT'S ALLOWED BY ME "
I reached the sweet machine and bought some things that I liked. I had just taken the sweets out of the machine and closed the little window, than is GOD - on my right - by my side, and a moment later this happened; We see the hand off a woman putting new sweets into the machine.

I then heard HIM say , with a sharp tone in HIS VOICE;  " DO HER WITH ME " and HE spoke to her, but I couldnít hear what HE said. However, I could hear from HIS tone of voice that what she was doing on a Sunday, putting new sweets into the machine, was not allowed.
I then heard HIM say; " OH , IS SO ?Ē HE then spoke to someone else and said tersely;


HE then turned to me and said; " I HAD TO KNOW, NOT EARN ANY MONEY ON SUNDAY,

 IíM AGAINST IT ". As HE slowly departed - floating up into the air - I heard HIM satisfied say;


Then the Devil appeared suddenly before me and laughs, while heís saying "Iíll will grab you, in the future ".

I startle and the Devil laughed and said to GOD; "I make him already uncertain ". GODíS  new  - gentle - presence calmed me and I heard HIM say; "YES THAT IS HE, BUT HE WILL DO IT " and the vision vanished.

I donít know exactly what GOD said to the woman at the bakery back then, but HE did show me that HE is able to make decisions for each and every one of us.
The Devil telling that he would get me, was a prophecy of what was to come. But before that happened this appears to me.


On a Sunday afternoon, when I bought a pack of tobacco from a machine - I was 17 years old - I received the following vision.

The Devil came to the left side - oblique - for me when I walked the main street in the direction of the above described bakery. I hear the Devil say; There are no human hands needed
I answer him that my hands are human hands.
Then there come DIVINE People from above - in front of me - and they like my given answer. They find it wonderful. Then I thought that the whole vision was coming from the Devil and I told myself not to give any notice to it in the future. Now I think that the Devil tried to put his mark on it.


GOD was / is very clear about the Sunday, you have 6 days to earn our living .The Sunday should be a day of rest, a day for HIM. And I knew that, although I wasn't hasty. On Sunday I was still  buying coffee and snacks at the petrol stations. I had a difficult time to stop doing it and even after the last Vision I kept on going.  Then on a Sunday afternoon HIS VOICE came behind and beside me and I felt HIS presence, when HE Urged me to turn off the pc. After a hesitation I did that, and now I shutdown everything on Sunday.

I turn off Saturday night just before the Sunday begins, the Gas the Water and the Electricity.  The website is than already  taken off the internet, and I deactivated -log out - all my accounts.  My mobile phone is the last that I turn off. Now there is - even though it was difficult - the coffee - to resist the temptation at first - nobody working for me on Sunday.
When it comes to food, I either prepare it in advance on Saturday, or use a camping gas burner. For light I use candles, gas burners and a torches.  I use a gas heater to warm the house and I fill jerry cans with water for washing and for the toilet.

I thought that in the future a solar panel or Whisper power pack station/unit, and the central heating working on a gas cylinder would be efficient enough on Sunday. But I know better now. The gas cylinder and whisper pack will disappear. 

In the near future  Sun, Water and Wind Energy - 100% clean produced energy - will being used.  Everything will be powered on electric, you're car, heating, cooking , etc.