GOD near



HE, the LIVING GOD, who always is Near, gives me Peace, Strength, Wisdom, Love and Healing.


That you all may find the way to HIM, the Source of all Life.


I, Jouke Jozef van Veen, was born on 19-07-1959 in the Frisian village Ureterp.

I went there to the elementary school. After that I went to the secondary education at the LTS in Drachten, where I followed a training for carpenter and bricklayer.
With both diplomas in my bag I step into the construction World at the age of Seventeen and become a mason.
Until March 2005 I remained employed. After that I continued as self-employed without staff, what I stayed  until November 2014.



When Iwas allowed to create the website GODnabij.nl in 2010, I've told People on the construction sites about GOD'S Presence, even though I didn't saw myself as a Preacher.

I've done this until early 2014.


I had been easy about taking work or not, which resulted in debt.

After I asked GOD - early 2014 - for more work, it was made clear to me - to let go of everything else - that I had to go for GOD every day.

I then made the choice to follow GOD and JESUS, and - also - leave my debts to GOD.

On May 14, 2014 I was evicted from my rental home. I wasn't happy with that, and would rather have seen it differently.


After living with a female neighbor for a while, I went to sleep in a small forest for 7 weeks with my almost deaf and blind cat. When my cat left me - to die - I left the forest.

GOD told me that I had to go to the Night Shelter in Leeuwarden to Preach. I wasn't happy about it, but I went anyway.

There among all the homeless - and addicts - I talked about GOD and JESUS for about 3.5 years.


In the recent years I brought GOD'S Words to the people in my own way. In many Churches people were not pleased and now and then I was kicked out. So I was there not hasty with the proclamation.

I usually did it on the street and in the Night shelter in Leeuwarden, where I slept 5 nights in a week, for years.


GOD Wants that the People who follow HIM not make money on Sunday. That's why I slept, two nights outside - from Saturday to Sunday and Sunday to Monday - on an industrial estate in Drachten for years.

Now, since July 2018, I have been sleeping - almost - all nights outside because I no longer fit into the new policy of the Nightshelter / Municipality. My work, the proclamation of GOD and JESUS to the new people who came into the shelter was not work, according to the new director.
With that, this path , - also to develop myself further - to proclaim was cut off.

My - homeless - benefit, which had the obligation to sleep 4 nights a week in the Night shelter, was cancelled partly as a result of the rejection.
The other reason is that the Municipality, city office wants to know where you sleep outside. T
hen they sent the city guard in the night to check on you.

I told the city official that I slept on a Graveyard, - as GOD wanted it - but on which Graveyard I did not want to tell him. Withholding that information cost me - more than 2 years - my homeless benefit, they blocked it.


GOD makes the last six months - off the 2 years - go by very quickly, so HE shown me.



GOD did a great miracle there on the cemetery that I also did not tell the official .

This is what happened one night.


That evening I arrived a little later - it was already dark - at the back gate of the cemetery, where I lifted the bicycle - over the water  - around the fence. That evening the birds make a lot of noise, it was a cacophony of sound.

I called to GOD; what is this? I can't go to my sleeping place with this cacophony. GOD did not answer me and after some hesitation I go on the way.

Near my sleeping place nearby the Jewish cemetery - I stop on the aisle.

I hear a voice say, " Let him go forward " and I step out of the aisle on the acre of dead.

I am among the graves and GOD allows me to look up, to the right.


And there is GOD, I "see" HIS Presence even though I cannot describe HIM.

And as I look at HIM, all the birds were silent at once, one was to late, he was the last to remain Silent.

GOD Presence made it Silent, not a bird made a sound after that.


GOD puts everything to HIS Hands, if HE Wants to.



At the beginning of the year 2020 - February - a proposal was made to me by the Salvation Army, a clothing money allowance. They wanted to give me a certain amount of livehood after this long time without income.

GOD  gave me reluctantly permission, and in August, the first clothing allowance was paid out through Care and Income of the Municipality of Leeuwarden.

Even before I could fully cash out the payment, the benefit was confiscated. I informed the Municipality and my Bank, and the unlawful seizure was lifted.

The Bank has not returned the money that was on my account, to me.

The Bank wants to by paid for the cost they made by the unlawful seizure, so I was told.


I usually finish the proclamation with homeless people in the Salvation Army, by giving a ticket / flyer, if they want one.

GOD Told me that HE wanted a story, so GOD'S, JEZUS Words are printed, with a story on it ;

The 7 Things GOD Dislikes, and the Most Important Commandments, JESUS gave to HIS Enemies.

Now it was forbidden to me within the Army to offer it, after the proclamation. It was no longer allowed.

After some time I asked GOD what kind of Answer HE wanted to give them.

GOD let me open the Bible at Jeremiah Chapter 2. I may start reading between the lines 17 and 18.

GOD explains later that week HIS Answer, but that is useless for the Salvation Army, the don't answer my mail, about this subject.

The poster " GODnabij.nl " has been regularly removed lately, after which I hang it up again.
GOD lets me know that everything I do is good and I may also leave the Army. I did so,
in the month of November 2021.
According to the Municipality of Leeuwarden, the Salvation Army has immediately  - November 17th -removed my postal address from their file, so that - even though I see that the Municipality made wire transfers today  - the clothing money arrangement , is in the future, no longer paid out.
Now in 2022 the clothing money+ arrangement is stopped since January.
Obtaining a new postal address takes quite some time, and it seems that only the Salvation Army is allowed - in the Faith community - to give postal addresses.

And now when I on 27 - 10 - 2022 , put in a request for  - my lost -  a new driver's license, the postal address still appears to be intact.

The Municipality has not notified me of the renewed activation, they have apparently forgotten, just like the activation of the clothingmoney allowance.


It happened that the site remained online on Sunday, while I had taken it off the Internet, the Server on Saturday evening.
This can have various causes, and a Hacker is one of them. Hackers try to stop me from putting the site off or online. Sometimes they changing files or making them disappear, before your eyes.
So, different kind of people are interested in my activities, and they all have their own motivation, to bother you.

In the end of 2016 and early 2017 was it very often the case.

Now today  there is a more subtle variant; they change the sentence structure, the text.

With - also - changing the punctuation marks, the try to let  the site come over, as made sloppy.


That is why I still say also in 2023, this to them ;



 Hackers, beware of GOD'S WRATH.




The site is sometimes not displayed properly in the web browsers; there may be a shift of text, the underlined words - links - change color or don't work properly anymore. If you encounter these or any other irregularities, please let me know at  GODnear@outlook.com


If the English text is displayed in Dutch, this can often be put right in the setting of Opera, Firefox or Google.







In 2018 I usually separated myself from people and the Churches on Sunday.

On those Sunday's I filled in my own service.

GOD was not happy with that, but HE allowed me to do so.




In the beginning of 2020, the Churches are closed due the Flu virus Corona / Covid-19 / Sars.


There is no longer any confidence in GOD and JESUS, and people hide behind their own responsibility.

What the Government says, is taken as truth.
The Government is performed as the Servant of GOD. We all know who the Government serves ; Not GOD.

GOD let me lookup the following Bible books as Answer to the closing of  HIS Churches.

GOD'S first Answer, when I open the Bible is, Habakkuk, Chapter 2.

I start reading between the lines 1 and 2.

GOD'S second Answer, when I may open the Bible is, Daniel, Chapter 5.

I start reading between the lines 7 and 8.





The number of inhabitants on December 2, 2019 in the Netherlands;

2.739.819  Young people from 0 to 15 years old
3.349.442  Young people from 15 to 30 years
6.877.107  Older young people aged 30 to 60

4.436.518  Elderly people from 60 to 100 and older

17.402.886  Together


The government has introduced for more than 17 million Dutch people, the well known measures because the flu virus Corona is there.

We are also aware of their argumentation.


Which arguments can we give against it?



Three quarters of the Dutch People will have no, or mild complaints.

The virus does not affect young people or the young person must already have a existing disease.

The older generations from 60 years are susceptible.


There are 4 flu variants and this is number 5.

All influenza variants are characterized due respiratory infections; Pneumonia with additional complications or with an existing disease.

Those existing syndromes are; Old age - general weakening - heart or lung complaints, asthma, diabetic complaints.


If a Flu epidemic is in the country and half of the Netherlands is in the rag-basket, millions of people, large and small, are contaminated, infected.

With the 4 known Flu viruses, everyone is susceptible, the elderly even deadly.

Isn't it strange that a category of people - young people until 13 years - is not susceptible to this Flu virus?
What does that mean?

That means it's a milder Flu virus than its 4 predecessors, but still with that deadly effect on the elderly and already sick people.


Protecting the older population - more than 4.4 million people - is unnecessarily imposed to nearly 13 million people.

The best choice is to let the Flu virus pass and give the older population from 60 years and those who already have a disease, protection. If they want to.

Now you Frighten the population, and you disrupt our Society with unnecessary Unrest.


When I started writing this - on different days - I knew that I wouldn't know how to finish it, so I immediately ask GOD, JESUS.

GOD let me open the Bible with John, Chapter 8. I start reading between the lines 28 and 29. 

JESUS Speaks of Devils children and that HE is not a liar, just like You.

GOD Tells me, that these Answers belong to the Flu virus corona.



GOD lets me open the Bible again with Daniel, Chapter 5.  I start reading between the lines 7 and 8.



 MENE TEKEL UFARSIN  is GOD'S second Answer about the Flu virus corona.




GOD'S Answers have this meaning;

1)  It's a Devil's event and they are all Lying to us.

2)  GOD will Overthrow these governments who willfully participate in this and take away their Wealth.



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GOD'S Peace Wished to you


On behalf of GOD ALMIGTHY,


Jouke Jozef van Veen


Leeuwarden, Friesland





E-mail : GODnabij@outlook.com  / GODnear@outlook.com 



GOD, near,

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