The CHRIST Cross   


This vision occurred in the family home in Ureterp when I was around 15 years old.

One afternoon I took the cross down from where it always hang, above the door in the living room. It was a depiction in bronze of Christ on the cross. I was curious to see what HIS face looked like.
When I was looking at it very closely I got a shock. And I thought ; they give you a very old face, because I knew that HE was much younger when HE was crucified. A man appeared in front of me; he was looking up and I heard someone asking if he could come. The man said; " you can come now boy ".
Then CHRIST came down, went true the cross, and said;


and then HE was gone.

When the image had vanished and I had turned around, I heard someone laughing and saying that I would believe it all. It was the Devil trying to confuse me.

I had this vision again in February 2010 in a much more pleasing form.
One morning I awoke at 5am and JESUS CHRIST appeared above me. HE came towards me and HE was obviously pleased that HE could confirm everything for me. HIS SPIRIT entered me for a moment and I felt a comforting warmth, which spread out over my chest. This only lasted for a few seconds. Then HE rose again and I could see that HE was still pleased, but also surprised that I remained lying on my bed and I heard HIM say so to HIS FATHER.
I then heard GOD say that it wasnít yet time, but I couldnít hear everything that HE said.

Every once in a while, my deceased parents are appearing in my prayers and that was also the case in this Vision. Maybe it seemed too good to be true, and my own amazement give rise to a reluctance that prevented me from getting up out of my bed.

Any way , this lingering doubts I had about getting rid of a number of MARY statues came with these events to an end, all though I have to admit that I still have some  doubt that's what the Devil managed to sow in me.
The story of the vision "Statues" tells why.


The MARY Statues

At one time, in a holiday, I visited a Church  - in Nijmegen or Zwolle - where they had free cards with the images of MARY. I took one with me and didnít give it much thought afterwards. I often keep those kinds of things. Later on that year my attention was drawn to the card. It were pictures of MARY with or without baby JESUS.

I was astounded to see a number of different faces on the card, 13 to be exact. While looking at the card in amazement, I heard a soft voice saying to me ''that is why it was forbidden''.  You hear it , but you donít do anything with it, until the moment that a man asked me for a statue of MARY, I had 3 of them.


He said that he wanted it for his wife who had seen it on my drive and was very taken by it.

I told the man that SHE always stood in my garden, and after I had moved to this new address, SHE got a temporary place on my drive. He really wanted to have the statue and was even willing to pay for it.

I didnít want any money, so after some hesitation I gave him the statue.

We then started talking about making these images and I told him what a voice from the another World had said to me, that the making of images was forbidden.

He started talking about the Roman Catholic Church and all its images and I was in full agreement with him. I said to him that I too was often disobedient, I didnít make them myself, but I did buy them.

Eventually, he left with the statue and I had several days a feeling of regret. I did after all had to know better.

During our conversation I didnít once think about the Vision of "the Cross"  , I forgotten..

But then I was reminded by CHRIST - that morning - about the vision and I knew that I had to talk to the man again.

I found him at his place of work and told him that I had received confirmation of what we had talked about. He wasnít that happy to hear this. His wife and a lady friend of hers just loved the statue.

I've said that it was up to him what he did with this information.

I smashed the other two statues of  MARY into little pieces, something that weighed heavily on me. I felt remorse, to have don it, but I did so with HIS Words in mind.

And now, later on, I realise that there had been many moments when I could feel HER presence. Whenever I looked at the images, or came close to them, I felt a warm, loving feeling wash over me. Wherever they stood, in front of or , in a Church or in my garden,, it didnít really matter.

There were also other moments when  MARY and  JESUS  call out to me, as you can read in the Visions,


" MARY ''  and  " The Fair " .


And that is confusing , you shouldn't make images but they are calling out to you, or you hear them speak. On top of that I hadn't recognised  JESUS  I've I hadn't seen HIS images before. 

When I wrestle with my questions over the MARY vision  I was  - JESUS HIS vision forgotten at that time -  given  one answer. A soft female voice tells me that Ē the LIVING GOD Ē  gives  the Devil a lot of freedom, so why wouldnít HE allow HER (MARY) the freedom to speak this way?


When I was at some time in 2013 were searching for images of  GOD on the internet HE came behind me when I had found one and I heard HIM Say;

" THAT'S ME ".


I then see an older MAN , with a long white Beard and long white Hair. GOD is wearing a light cream-coloured Robe and holding a Staff  in HIS Hand.

So GOD let me know that there is a-right-image of HIM on the internet.
And this brings the two visions, - the first when I was Ī 15 years and the second at the beginning of February 2010 - in a different daylight. In a Devilish daylight.


GOD let me see again, that the Devil is always present.