This vision occurred after an Christmas evening mass, when I was around 47 years old

I used to go to the evening mass in the Catholic Church in Drachten every now and then.

On this evening the Church was very full, and there were only a few seats free in the front. When the mass was over, I had to walk my way back through the Church, through the crowd, to the exit.

Suddenly I heard a female voice saying;








and I felt a warm glow of love.

My attention was drawn to the side side chapel of the Church where a stone statue of MARY is present.

I hesitated, I would have had to make my way through a large crowd of people to go to the so called Chapel and being a little afraid, I decided not to do so.

I didnít give the vision much thought afterwards and, however strange it may sound, I forgot about it quite quickly, until  this week . 

A soft female Voice reminds me one early morning - in the spring of 2010 - of this vision.