The Peace

 I had this vision on the main street - de Weibourren - in Ureterp when I was 16/17 years old.


It was a summerís day and I was walking near the cafť Gorter - now known as the Jan Wijmenga HŻs - on the main street. All of a sudden I heard two voices speaking above me. They were talking about the military service and I hear them say; " he has to go and join the army ".


Then GOD Spoke;








Then there was said; " doesnít he want to be a cop ? "


GOD Answered;








I heard a voice saying that I would disarm the police.

I didnít want to become a police officer. I remember being very unsure about myself at that time and that didnít go unnoticed above.

Sometime later it was decided that anybody born in 1959 did not have to do military service. GOD had intervened, I did not have to join up.


Many years later, in early September 2010, I was offered a job at the military airfield in Leeuwarden.

I felt GODíS  presence very strongly the evening before, and in the morning, but those thoughts didn't make me not going. However, HIS presence led to the idea  that something would happen that day, only I didnít know what. Later at the airfield, then the penny dropped.


After signing in I followed the commander in my car to where I would be working. While driving, the feeling that I shouldnít be working here began to grow stronger and stronger. Than I remember the Vision,  GOD didnít want to see me in the army. Upon reaching the workplace, my anxiety and doubt grew even stronger and

I looked up to Heaven and asked for Guidance.

Then I had several thoughts all at once; if I stay I will have to stop my proclaiming of the Faith and I

wouldn't become the person I was supposed to be, If I leave, Iíll lose my job.

While thinking this I looked in the direction of the workplace and a bad feeling came over me

and I saw / felt the power of evil.

When I had arrived  my colleague had a funny comment and said; " devilish works happen here " and that was exactly what I felt now.

I then decided to leave.

Because I couldnít shake off my uneasy feeling, I once again turned to the heaven and asked why this feeling was still with me. GOD broke through this bad feeling- it was like a transparent glass had been smashed above my head - and I felt at ease once more.


I told the commander and my colleague about GOD'S strong presence and about my Visions.

My colleague wanted me to go back to the job where I came from, but I said no.

My carpentry skills were not good in of - for concrete work for locks - to work alone.

The commander said that he wished I had given him some advance warning - understandable Ė and that he didnít have any other work for me.

Who knows, maybe we can work together some other, time in the future.


Moses was given the 10 commandments, including; Thou shalt not Kill.

JEZUS showed us how we should live and when HE was threatened HE didnít arm himself, or put together a army ,against the ruling classes of  that  time.

No, JEZUS was guided by GODíS Spirit in keeping the Peace and this remains HIS message until this day.



GOD is through the centuries still very clear.; " THOU SHALT NOT KILL ". And not learn how to.