Some Relief


This vision occurred on the old Boekweitpead no. 11 in Ureterp when I was about 29 years old

There seemed to come no end to the attacks from the Underworld. I would often wake up to the sound of singing in the morning, usually songs that I disliked, it went on 24 hours a day.
I felt constantly pressure and that eventually controls your thoughts and makes you apathetic.
The opposing forces became more and more intense and it became very busy in and around my head. Therefore I would lie wake full waiting for the morning to come.
At one point I heard the Devil saying; "I have been all over the world gathering the most depressed and deranged characters I could find and I have sent them all to him''. And that was exactly how it , I felt.

On one off these wake full nights GOD came early in a summer morning with some others and took some of the most deranged Spirits away from me.
I heard GOD Say;




I knew that if GOD had not done this, I would have committed suicide. So, slowly but surely - over a number of years - HE removed all of these spirits, for which I am eternally grateful to HIM.
I still hear them sometimes, but they no longer have any power over me - they can no longer possess me - like they used to.

The Devil, on the other hand, can - as GOD allows him - influence you and have you do the wrong things. So you have to keep control of where your thoughts are leading you.
Because if you donít, then it is very easy to go down the wrong path .
When I tell myself  to regain control - something I often did when I was driving a car - I focus my Spirit in the direction of the heaven and any then all bad thoughts or emotions disappear quickly.
In this way I really feel GOD'S presence in my life.

As I have already mentioned, the Devil can find ways of taking control of your life but he is powerless when GOD intervenes. " HE " who always is, and always will be, has the last Word.

GOD Wants me to wash myself completely before I go into Prayer.

So when I've washed myself completely in the morning, - if GOD and I are in harmony - then I pray the morning Prayer for the World, Humanity.

In the course of the afternoon / evening, I pray for the sick and sorrowful, and finally the Prayer of Thanksgiving to GOD and JESUS ​​before going to sleep.

Praying this way has brought me back into the World.
But the real improvement in my mental and physical condition at that time, was when I started praying again for my food and going to Church more often.

Now a kind of Wash and Pray tiredness has struck and I - mostly - no longer wash myself  before my Prayers.

GOD doesn't like it, but allows me.