Santa claus

This Vision occurred at a petrol station in Drachten when I was about 48 years old.

One afternoon, as I was waiting for my car to come out of the carwash, I looked at a illuminated sidewall of a nearby house.

The light was coming from an illuminated figure of two reindeers pulling Santa claus sleigh.

The angle of the lighting gave the impression that they were travelling through space.

Suddenly  a voice came from above, close behind me.


I heard GOD say to someone; 








More was said, but this was the message.


When I had this Vision I was at first astonished  that GOD would make a fuss about some lights on a sidewall , but I quickly realised what HE meant. Christmas is about JESUS CHRIST, and

how " MARY " - chosen by GOD -  became pregnant, without sleeping with a man.

Santa creates floating through the air with his reindeers and presents, a place beside GOD and JESUS and that is not good.


So if you want to follow GOD  you leave the red hats, Santa suits and the music that is dedicated to Santa in the Shop.


I forgot all about this Vision  until the day we were learning a new Christmas song, for the Ureterp male choir, a choir existing of all denominations, believers and non-believers.

The song we had to learn was Rudolf the red-nosed reindeer.

The song  is about a reindeer that Santa chooses to help him  on Christmas Eve.

The song brought up a particular feeling in me and I knew then that I didnít want to sing it. I told a number of people Ė not entirely in detail - that GOD didnít agree with it, and after a little time we didn't sing the song any more.