Outside  the Church


This Vision occurred outside the Roman Catholic Church in Drachten when I was about 27 years old

I had decided to go one time to Church and when the Service was over I walked outside  . I turned left and walked on the pavement in the direction of my car. I was still close to the Church when the figures appeared around me.         

I stopped walking and GOD came up behind me and Said ;


I wasn’t interested and started rolling a cigarette while walking on. The figures were surprised and tried to stop me.  I heard GOD friendly Say;


and that was then end of the Vision.

This was in the beginning, when GOD was trying to guide me to a safe port, away from the swamp of fear and indifference. But I hadn't  been in church for a long time and wasn’t about to re-join it all of a sudden again.

The influence of the Devil had a firm grip on me and I began a long way to travel,  (back)