Straight, Gay, Lesbian or Bi

GOD came some years ago on a night to me and GOD makes it clear what HE does not want. GOD does not want Men to have sex with men and Women with women.
I was raised - as God also knows - with the idea that it doesnít matter what Color or Orientation you have.
And I had also no appetite in proclaiming something else, because I subconsciously knew  whatís in the Bible about this subject.

At that time I had a view sexually dreams, dreams in which I shared the bed with women and men.
With each other, but also with the three of us. I was an active participant and a spectator at the same time.
They were biblical dreams - I call this kind of dreams - in which I am aware that I watch.


In the bible book DaniŽl, Chapter 7, line 7 you can read what I'm talking about.


After some time - the last dream - I hear GOD Voice, a little annoyed Saying ;





I was not aware of my bisexuality in my daily life. I did not feel attracted to men, but it was hidden in me.

GOD let me know that HE can take it out of the people - me - and that HE Will do it this way.

GOD will take it away from every one of you who - will - follow HIM.
GOD will make you,- if you allow HIM - the Woman or Men who HE likeís to see .

Everything in the Bible on this issue - the stoning, etc. - is past. GOD gives this Solution.