GOD near

The Creation of the World

GOD showed me this on 1 October 2011 when I was sitting in the front room of my home;

I see GOD and a smaller person - CHRIST, eventhough GOD didn't named HIM -  at a distance for me floating through the Universe with many followers behind THEM. GOD'S own people are close behind HIM and the rest follows with a small space between THEM. GOD is EXALTED and HE Rises above everyone. Suddenly, HE stops and looks behind HIM.

HE sees how many nations are following  HIM on HIS journey through the Universe and He decides not to travel any further.



GOD  remembers that HE has created the Earth a long time ago and for a slight moment HE pulls me into in HIS World, and -there is another man with HIM - I see  from a distance through a foggy mist the Earth. GOD decides to return to HIS Creation and I see HIM and HIS followers, turn back. Then the Vision is over and I am back in the living room.

The second Vision followed immediately after the first one;
GOD is journeying through the Universe - I see a appearance -  with HIS followers, and in a place where there is no Universe, suddenly a planet appears, slightly pink with a dark lane in the middle. It looks like HE made it happen with a click of HIS fingers and I hear HIM say to me ;



GOD - that's what I thought - wanted to be sure that I knew exactly how not only the World was made, but also other parts of the Universe.

After these two Visions I stood up, to go to the kitchen and suddenly, I heard a voice - behind me- from above .They were together, but one asked me if I realised how important this was.

 I startle, because I realise what is expected of me "tell everyone what you have seen", in other words, stand up, walk into the light, out of the shadows, but I wasn’t ready to do this yet.
With these thoughts in my head I suddenly see another person coming forward beside the one who has just spoken to me. He comes closer, a large man with a bald head and he says nothing, but the way in which he approaches me feels threatening.
And then everything fades away.


And I know it again;  Where the good is brought to you, evil is not far away.


After these Visions I have still some doubt but I ignore it and try to forget it. But after a certain time it comes back to the surface and I still have not a good feeling about it.

It was not about the first Vision - I was drawn into GOD'S World - but about the second one.When I am present in February 2015 at a church service in the Bethel in Drachten, I hear a voice say that the second Vision is not good and I am shaken partly awake. Partly, because I didn't want to accept it yet.

But now, a few weeks later when  I wake up in the night shelter at Leeuwarden, on a Tuesday morning,  the right thought comes with power inside me. Another vision was recalled to me and it became clear to me that the second Vision was not send from GOD. And than I recognize the Hand of the Devil. The appearance, that I've seen was different.

On the one hand I was surprised that I did not recognize it earlier and on the other hand, I had trouble believing it, or in other words, admit I was wrong.

That the Devil can give you also peace and trust, became clear to me.


Once again I experienced the wonderful feeling of HIS proximity. A comprehensive heat, calm and confidence, a peace.

GOD let me every time in a different way know, that the Devil does not sleep and that He is always present.
I  have to learn to live with that presence.



The proclamation is still going on and I step occasionally into the spotlight.

Deo Volente